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Discover the unparalleled power that comes with partnering with us.

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Resident Success

Our Resident Success Tools revolutionize property management for landlords.

Community Engagement

We engage with community members to regularly collect insight and feedback that can be used to create positive changes.

Housing Stability & Consulting

We create safety nets to ensure landlords & residents are supported and stable in their lease arrangements.

How our results far surpass industry standards

Prevent 90% of evictions through our supportive housing models

Track social stability indicators through our resident situational survey index

Employ a proactive alert system for housing stability through a call system and case referral

Unlock a pipeline of renters for housing access and stability

Customized services to fit your needs

Use of self developed top tier technologies to modernize HUD and housing processes

Apartment for Rent
B-Konnected is an innovative housing platform that revolutionizes housing support and retention.

B-K streamlines renters in the public sector to our network of landlords in the private sector. We are the one stop shop for landlords, agencies, and residents. We are here to equip the private sector with the tools of automation, centralization, and retention through intentional service models. We give landlords the tools to monitor and measure portfolios and stabilize their properties.

We are the first to create and apply a methodology to Social Determinants of Health which allows landlords to protect and scale investments while stabilizing the renter. We elevate the residents' voice to understand the need and then create solutions. We now know that when lives are steady, leases are steady which saves landlords bottom lines. It's in their best interest to monitor and measure the portfolios with residents.

Social Impact

We show the social impact performance with measured, quantifiable metrics. Our methodology is replicable & adaptable. We identify indicators, track, & predict outcomes. Through housing stability tactics and automation, B-K takes a community data centric approach to create a more convenient process for landlords, and agencies. Our process reduces the risk for landlords and providers. BK is a business that uses tailored automation to create homes, steady leases, and community engagement.

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