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How a Denver nonprofit is using tech to get people housed

OutSources host Elise Matatall interviews Brittany Katalenas, CEO and Founder of B-Konnected, a technology-driven force dedicated to tackling critical challenges in the social services and real estate sectors.

The Elevated Denver Podcast

Tune in to Elevated Denver's #whenwewalkby podcast episode to hear about B-Konnected's work and how it relates to supporting the humanity of those experiencing homelessness and the focus on solutions at the systemic level. 

Award from Collective for the Advancement of BIPOC+ Business

As part of the CABB investment portfolio, Impact Charitable made a $200,000 loan to B-Konnected to support their operations and growth.

From the Editor: The real ‘greater good’

A bright light in this process is Brittany Katalenas, a social worker with B-Konnected. Hired by the city to provide demographics and a clear picture of the residents of Geneva Village, Katalenas took it a step further.

How do you keep someone housed?
B-Konnected works with mom-and-pop landlords to do just that 

Brittany Katalenas started B-Konnected in 2018. The company intercepts would-be evictions with a 90% prevention rate.

A journey from a truck to housing and back to the truck shows that ending homelessness isn’t just about getting a man in a room

“He did not get the services that, A, he signed up for and that, B, we as a system should be providing,” Katalenas said.

New research maps where housing and health crises collide in Colorado

Katalenas, who founded an organization to connect low-income families to housing, said she would like to see a map showing where renters who use federal vouchers are able to find housing. 

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